VicRoads Driving Test

Pass the VicRoads Driving Test in Melbourne on Your First Attempt

Are you planning to get your driving licence in Victoria? Let us help you. VicRoads Driving Test is conducted to certify if a student driver is ready to drive safely on their own. The driving test checks the driving behaviours expected of learner drivers in several situations. The student must pass these tests to get their driver’s licence. Driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibilities while ensuring the safety of the passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians. This is why the driving licence test must be taken very seriously. Exhibiting confidence and safe driving skills on the road is key to acing the practical driving test.

If you want to pass the VicRoads driving test on the first attempt, then you’ve come to the right place. Taj Driving School offers compelling driving lessons for student drivers across Melbourne. A team of highly qualified professionals instruct the students on safe driving habits and traffic regulations. The aim is to make exemplary drivers by the end of the lessons - students who will pass the car driving test on their first try and go on to become exemplary drivers on the road.

Since the VicRoads Driving Test expects students to have at least 120 hours of driving experience in different conditions, our instructors will take every candidate through various situations and prepare them for any eventuality. They are calm, rational, and experienced to deal with freshers and old drivers who need refresher courses.

You are ready to attempt the VicRoads Driving Test if you:

  • Have a minimum of 120 hours of on-road supervised driving experience
  • Are able to safely drive in a variety of traffic, road, and driving conditions
  • Are able to drive during rainy days and at high speed
  • Have driven at least 20 hours on the road at night
  • Are able to perform day-to-day driving tasks safely on different types of roads, and in a wide range of traffic conditions
  • Ace the driving tasks safely without the assistance of a driver or supervising instructor

Ace The VicRoads Driving Test with Taj Driving School

When you sign up with your first lesson at Taj Driving School, our ultimate goal is to transform you into a confident driver, capable of taking on a variety of road conditions. To this end, we will ensure:

  • Our students can handle all driving conditions easily in a safe manner.
  • Safety is always our top priority. We want our drivers to be confident and safe on the road.
  • Our qualified instructors teach students to drive safely on different road conditions, like busy roads, multilane roads,
  • roads with different speed zones, and different types of traffic conditions.
  • Our students’ transformation into independent drivers by the time of their driving licence test.

Why Choose Taj Driving School?

Creating confident drivers out of first-time learners is our speciality at Taj Driving School. We are able to achieve this incredible change thanks to the dedication of our staff. Let us name a few reasons why you should choose us.

  • Male and female driving instructor packages available
  • Over 9,000 training hours and ten years of experience in the business
  • Under our tutelage, as many as 5,000 learners have aced their practical driving tests
  • One of the primary Urdu, Hindi, Afghani and Punjabi-speaking driving schools in Melbourne
  • We work closely with foreign learners and provide facilities for overseas licence conversion
  • Our instructors will ensure that learners are aware of all the traffic rules and regulations

Are You Looking for the Best Driving School in Melbourne?

Begin your journey to conquering the VicRoads driving test today! If you are on the lookout for driving classes in Melbourne, Taj Driving School is where you should be. Our instructors are down-to-earth and patient when it comes to dealing with new students and old drivers who need refresher courses. Call us on 0416 512 176 to schedule your driving classes today and meet our instructors. You can also write to us at for additional information.

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