1I am 18 years old, can I get my driving licence in Victoria?
Yes, you can! For those below the age of 21, VicRoads requires 120 hours of supervised driving, of which 20 hours must be at night, in order to take the driving test. You have to follow the path below Learner’s test à Hazard perception test à Drive test
2I have an overseas licence. How can I get it converted?
You can check with us or online if you are eligible for conversion and if your licence is accepted in Victoria.
3Can I take a driving lesson without a learner’s permit?
Yes, if you are holding a valid overseas licence. Otherwise, you must hold a learner’s permit (learner’s card or temporary slip)
4What type of vehicle do you use for driving lessons?
All our vehicles are of the latest models, mostly consisting of Toyota hatchbacks or similar. All of our vehicles are constantly inspected and well maintained for a safe driving experience.
5What should I bring for my driving lesson?
You need to bring your learner’s permit / driving licence, log book (if required) and the relevant fee for your driving lesson.
6Can I use your car for my drive test?
Yes, your instructor’s car will be available for your drive test if you booked your test appointment with us. Check our test packages on our website.

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